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Why Do You Need a Grassroots Program?

The success of any advocacy program depends heavily on the involvement and support of its grassroots network. Actual constituents have enormous influence with their legislators. Therefore, an organized, proactive and strategic grassroots advocacy program is essential.

Why Use Eye on Washington's Grassroots Management Program?

  • One of Eye on Washington's strengths is its expertise in organizing, maintaining and growing grassroots efforts. This includes providing written materials, sample letters, White Papers, and necessary follow-up with Hill offices. In addition, the important function of tracking, feedback, and recognition of grassroots participants is key. Not only should participants be thanked for their efforts, but they also need to know how their participation impacted the overall advocacy effort. Eye on Washington provides this information.
  • Eye on Washington uses web-based software programs to extensively track, monitor and follow-up on grassroots efforts. Such software makes it easier for constituents to participate in the advocacy program, as well as allow staff to track contacts made for future use and follow-up. This website will highlight legislative activities, keep readers abreast of actions on critical issues, and provide talking points and materials to make lobbying activities easier for individual members.
  • Eye on Washington's professionals keep in constant communication with client staff and management to ensure that all participants are apprised of important legislative and regulatory developments. This is accomplished through, among other channels, weekly email summaries of developments, a monthly newsletter, periodic Action Alerts, website postings and updates, and monthly organization staff meetings - all drafted and arranged by Eye on Washington.

What Services Will You Receive?

Eye on Washington's Grassroots Management and Maintenance program is a comprehensive service package that covers all aspects of your grassroots program. Here are some of the many components of this program:

  • Drafting all Action Alerts, sample letters, and background papers on important issues for your grassroots advocates to use.
  • Maintenance and updating of the grassroots web-based site.
  • Preparing up-to-date status reports on all letters sent from your organization or company; to whom they were sent; when they were sent; and hard copies of any of these letters.
  • Follow-up with legislator offices receiving constituent letters to ensure the requested action is taken by the lawmaker.
  • Follow-up with all grassroots participants with both a thank you and an update on what their legislator did in response to their request.
  • End of year summaries of the results and successes of your grassroots campaign.

It is estimated that out of 600,000 people in any given congressional district, only 2,500 have any influence with that particular legislator. Let Eye on Washington help make you one of these select influential few. This can only be done through grassroots mobilization and motivation.

For an example of a grassroots web site managed and directed by Eye on Washington, go to .



As part of a Grassroots program for one client, Janet arranged for Members of Congress to speak at a Legislative breakfast. Here Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) addresses the audience.

As part of a grassroots program for one client, Janet arranged for Members of Congress to speak at a legislative breakfast. Here Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) addresses the audience.

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