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clipping service, advocacy programs, public relations, press releases

The philosophy at Eye on Washington is that "knowledge is power" and more importantly, communication is key. One of the primary components of a successful government relations program is comprehensive tracking and effective communication to the organization's staff and members on all legislative issues and regulatory developments important to the industry. It is for this reason that our emphasis is on constant monitoring of these issues; communicating back to the client's staff on a scheduled basis through summary reports and monthly newsletters detailing new or on-going developments;
and analyzing how their industry could be affected by these laws or regulations.

Monitoring of issues is imperative to any organization's ability to respond in a timely manner to relevant legislative or regulatory proposals. Eye on Washington takes this client service very seriously, and thus uses the most inclusive press clipping database - LEXIS-NEXIS - to ensure that all developments concerning the industry will be researched, reported on and analyzed.

Communication with the client's staff is critical to the program. In addition to submitting the summary reports, Eye on Washington's consulting responsibilities also include researching answers/analysis to legislative or regulatory questions; participating in meetings and discussions with the client's staff to develop a winning political and regulatory strategy best suited to voice their views and exchanging information and insight on important issues.

Communication also is important between the clients and Members of Congress on where the industry stands on proposed legislation. This includes correspondence, one-on-one meetings, and organizing important visits between the organization's members and their legislators on Capitol Hill.

Finally, communication is imperative with the Administration officials who also have a great impact on the industry. Their role is becoming ever more important as the amount of regulations issued each year continues to increase.

Analysis of each issue needs to be done to ascertain its specific impact on the clients directly. Eye on Washington analyses each issue, and outlines in clear language how the client's industry will be affected.

While knowledge is very important, just as relevant are the actions taken by the organizations based on this knowledge. Another service provided by Eye on Washington is assisting clients and their staffs develop effective and proactive public policy strategies to achieve their legislative and regulatory goals. Having conducted such services for a wide and varied set of clients, we have learned firsthand what works, and what does not work, for a successful government relations, grassroots, and public relations program.

Eye on Washington works in numerous different sectors, including trade, transportation, labor environment, energy and healthcare. We pride ourselves on providing all clients with superior service, immediate response to requests, and flexibility to meet all their needs.

We look forward to providing you more detailed information on the services and benefits Eye on Washington can provide as your public policy and government relations consulting firm!