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What Types of Projects Does Eye on Washington Offer?

Because Eye on Washington's modus operandi is customized project agreements, the types available are limitless. Usually they involve writing or research projects requiring large blocks of time — a rare commodity for busy government relations professionals. Some examples:

  • Researching, drafting and submission of comments in response to proposed rules and regulations (a specialty service).

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  • Compliance manuals for updated or new regulations affecting the company or organization's members.

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  • Drafting analytical articles on government relations issues for any type of publication.
  • Attending Congressional hearings or Administration public meetings/workshops, and reporting on developments.
  • Any other research or writing project which particularly fills your specific needs.

Why Should You Use Eye on Washington's Services?

  • Eye on Washington offers professional, comprehensive and well-researched materials ready for distribution.
  • Eye on Washington's president is very experienced in researching and drafting all types of projects. To date, she has completed projects for manufacturing trade associations, health care organizations, automobile firms and agricultural interests.
  • Associations and companies can maintain a "Washington presence" while not expending huge sums of money. These types of projects are an efficient and cost-effective way to more aggressively represent your members and companies in the government relations arena, while also increasing the visibility of your legislative and regulatory program to members and management.
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that U.S. businesses spend over $700 billion in regulatory compliance costs. Considering all industries are affected by the increasingly expanding regulatory reach of the government, it is imperative that companies have publications and/or compliance manuals on these regulations, as well as get their voices heard in the regulatory process.

What Services Will You Receive?

  • All research projects include comprehensive searches to obtain as much relevant information about the topic as possible. This includes, but is not limited to: Internet searches; telephone calls to appropriate Administration and Congressional officials; LEXIS-NEXIS searches; and, when needed, visiting the government docket room where all background information can be found on the issue.
  • When possible, our staff, after the initial research and reading phase is completed, will attempt to schedule a meeting with the highest-level government official responsible for the project issue. This will allow us to obtain first-hand answers to any pending questions or clarifications needed.
  • The final written project will be sent both in hard copy and electronically to the client. It will be written in the most organized and easy to understand format and language. All background materials will also be forwarded to the client.
  • No project will be considered complete until the client is wholly satisfied with the final product. We edit the written project as often as necessary to ensure the client's complete satisfaction.

Eye on Washington guarantees that all possible and known information sources will be investigated during the completion of the project.



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Eye on Washington client President discusses trade with Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) during a Lobby Day organized by Janet Kopenhaver.

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