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State and Local Services

All politics is local. - Tip O’Neill

Josh Zahn, PR, lobbyist, congress, lobby day, consulting

Why Do You Need State and Local Services?

Governors, state senators, state representatives and locally elected officials can be extremely effective in communicating your messages to Members of Congress. A state-level effort enhances all federal government relations efforts. Consider the following:

  • Most Members of Congress look to state legislative leaders for input and feedback on what is going on back in their home districts
  • Many Members of Congress are themselves former governors, state senators and state representatives
  • Some of these state legislative leaders will themselves be elected to Congress in the future
  • State leaders pay particular attention to how much a company and/or industry is contributing to state tax rolls, employment and their communities
  • State legislative leaders are an "on-the-ground" resource in congressional districts who can be an important asset in communicating your messages
  • Statements and actions of state leaders, particularly committee members of key state House/Senate committees, can add strength to your messages
  • Many issues addressed in Congress have originated in state legislatures

Why Use Eye on Washington's State and Local Services?

Activity at the State and Local level is an integral part of any federal government affairs or national grassroots effort. Working with key leaders at the state and local level can help you achieve your legislative objectives at the federal level.

Eye on Washington provides one-stop-shopping for state and local services through its maintenance of an extensive network of seasoned state government relations professionals in all 50 states. These professionals provide on-the-ground intelligence and experience in their respective state capitols. We manage the network so you don't have to spend your time trying to keep track of issues and events in 50 different states at the same time.

What Services Will You Receive?

  • Intelligence and information gathering capabilities for all states or targeted by state and/or region
  • On-the-ground first hand knowledge and reporting of what is happening in a state
  • Identification of key leaders in state capitals and communities
  • Monitoring and reporting of trends and issues that affect your company and your industry
  • Monitoring and reporting of activities of public policy and interest groups
  • State legislative tracking and, if desired, analysis