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Why Do You Need a Press Clipping and Analysis Service?

  • Complying with federal regulations cost U.S. businesses over $700 billion annually. It is becoming increasingly important for your company and/or association members to be kept informed about new or revamped rules and regulations governing their industry.
  • Companies need to get warned as far in advance as possible about the potential effects on their businesses or professional careers in order to prepare accordingly. Eye on Washington's clipping service is the most cost-effective and comprehensive way to provide this information.
  • Your valuable time needs to focus on resolving and combating potentially devastating legislation and regulations, not spent sorting through 50 articles per day. Rather, our weekly summary reports will allow you to decide which specific issues and regulations require immediate involvement and attention.
  • Keep your organization members apprised of all developments impacting their industries, jobs and businesses by having Eye on Washington conduct daily reviews of thousands of publications, periodicals, journals and media coverage. Keeping ahead of legislative and regulatory developments is critical to all industries, sectors and organizations.

Why Should You Use Eye on Washington's Service?

  • The price is just right! For virtually the same price as other press clipping services, you in essence receive for FREE weekly analysis/summaries and a monthly wrap-up or newsletter of the issues important to your industry.
  • Eye on Washington uses the most inclusive database for its daily searches, the cost of which is already included in your monthly fee. LEXIS-NEXIS includes over 8,000 publications, newspaper, magazines, trade journals, wire services, health care publications, numerous environmental information sources.
  • Traditional press clipping services simply print the articles, leaving busy government relations professionals to sift through them. Eye on Washington reads and analyzes them for you.
  • All Eye on Washington clients receive customized analysis and key word searches. Attempts will also be made to estimate how each legislative or regulatory change will affect the industry's bottom line.

What Services Will You Receive?

  • Eye on Washington's staff will conduct comprehensive tracking of specific legislative issues and regulatory developments important to your industry.
  • We will review/read clipped articles (which usually number about 40-50 each day), summarize the contents, and analyze the potential ramifications.
  • You receive a weekly summary of developments and, if desired, a monthly wrap-up or newsletter which can be distributed to members or company management. Also, hard copies of any article or piece of legislation cited are available at any time.

    Click here for a sample of a Summary Report or a Monthly Newsletter.

Keeping up with ever-changing legislative and regulatory developments affecting your industry is imperative. But it is also time-consuming. Let Eye on Washington help.



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